KARKULA SHOWROOM                                                                                                               SIZE: 3,500 sq feet     LOCATION: Williamsburg / Brooklyn, New York     YEAR: 2013

The only trace of the former use of this space is a column by the stairs which has 100 years of layers of glue on it. The Rectangular showroom space is located in a preexisting factory building. The one story building was used as a delivery space for a 1900's Glue Factory on the Southside of Williamsburg. Together with the owner of the KARKULA furniture showroom John Erik Karkula our design team created a sleek industrial space with minimal means.

The existing concrete floors have been refurbished and polished and sealed, the existing steel structure painted, concrete ceiling painted. Very simple. The new elements are carefully designed and implemented like objects in the old factory space. The facade is a class, steel wood box sticking out of the existing brick wall. The skylights were placed throughout the space to act as the main light source during store hours. A Square box sits about in the center of the space containing offices, bathroom and storage as well as a kitchenette. A new steel stair is connecting to a roof garden/ exhibition space.

Photo credit: Monica Castiglioni